Down on the West Coast they got a sayin’
“If you’re not drinkin’ then you’re not playin’.”

  • Getting asks isn’t a regular thing, I still smile when I see Messages (1).
  • People don’t reblog me ASAP. Sure, I get reblogged 20 or 30 notes, if I’m lucky.
  • I don’t get asked for pictures of me.
  • People don’t ask me for requests.
  • I don’t have a lot to offer.
  • most of my blog is 99.9% reblogs
  • i LOVE every little follower of mine 

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sloppy scribbles of the thug boyfriend ship between classes

lessa recommended sparring and then makeouts but i think i skipped straight to the good part the makeouts oops

Aoba blushing. (`・ω・´)”

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I’m wishing on rain drops and hoping you’ll stay.

An Eremin fan mix based on the fic Wishing on Raindrops

AKA: The songs I listen to when writing Eremin. So it applies pretty broadly to the pairing I suppose.

[Listen here]

[Look at Jenny’s amazing art here because that sure as hell isn’t mine]


Beside You - Mariana’s Trench // Never Stop (Acoustic) - Safetysuit // Right Here - Ashes Remain // I Can’t Not Love You - Every Avenue // Anywhere But Here - Mayday Parade // Rest - Nevertheless // Wait For You - Artist vs. Poet // Speechless - The Veronicas // Goodnight Moon - Go Radio // Prove You Wrong - He Is We // Anywhere But Here - Safetysuit // Stay With Me - Sam Smith // By Your Side - Lifehouse // Somebody’s Heartbreak - Hunter Hayes // Only Place I Call Home - Every Avenue // Featherstone - The Paper Kites // Come What May - The Scene Aesthetic // Hold Onto Me - Mayday Parade // The Storm - Elenowen

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You see, there are still faint glimmers of civilization left in this barbaric slaughterhouse that was once known as humanity. Indeed that’s what we provide in our own modest, humble, insignificant… oh, fuck it.

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I've learned everything! And I had to learn it on my own.

The moment you realize that Ozai banishing his eldest son was the best thing he could have done for him.

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Mink when he just got in jail


From Faun-songs' amazing AU, where Mikasa is a titan shifter instead of Eren, her titan form being called the Collared Titan.

It’s been a while since I’ve felt satisfied after finishing something.