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I’m hiding naked in my closet because there are mattress delivery men in my bedroom and no one thought to tell me so I was just doing my naked thing after my shower and then I was very unceremoniously shoved into my closet and I don’t know how long I have to be here I don’t have snacks or anything

update: I found a chocolate bar on my shelf but also my phone battery is at 20% I feel like bear grylls

don’t you have clothes in your closet

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Cecil’s birthmarks changes shape and movement with his emotions - they flare up when he’s flustered or angry, hide under clothing when he’s scared or embarrassed, move rapidly when he’s excited, softer shapes for good feelings and rougher shapes for bad ones etc.

He’s kinda self-conscious about them since it’s like wearing your heart on your sleeve, but Carlos thinks they’re pretty (and also scientifically fascinating).


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Oh my goodness, headcanon that Aoba decides that he and Koujaku should switch Allmates for a day. Aoba takes Beni out, but his real intention is to make Koujaku a special dinner with all of his favorite foods, and he has Beni help out in picking!




Aoba will readily admit he’s no master at picking out birthday gifts. And after all these years, Koujaku seems to understand.

But rather than making gift giving any easier for Aoba, this year Koujaku simply responds: “Having you for my birthday is more than enough.” Aoba sputters and goes bright red; he slaps Koujaku on the arm. “Ow, Aoba!” he says, rubbing the offended area. He glances up, eyes tinted with a mix of mischief and flirtation. “You shouldn’t hit the birthday boy, you know.” 

Aoba just rolls his eyes. “First off, you’re not a boy, you’re a grown man. Secondly, it’s not your birthday until next week so I can punch you all I want until then.” 

Though, Aoba has to admit, this year having Koujaku as his…er…better than friend was probably the best gift he’s ever had too. He’s not going to say it (Koujaku will take that idea and run with it) but he thinks it sometimes…like now, while the two of them are wrestling and giggling. Yeah, Koujaku is the best gift he’s ever received. 

But after one wrestling match (and a dozen kisses) later, Aoba still has no idea for a gift. Because love and romance is nice and all, but he currently needs something he can put in a box. Preferably something nice. At this point, he has pretty much exercised every gift idea he’s ever had for Koujaku—liquor, hair supplies, obi, more liquor—and after consulting Ren, Aoba realizes that as Koujaku’s boyfriend, he needs to really make his gifts more… special than before.

At a loss, he asks the Benishigure guys, but they’re just as stumped as he is. “He likes uh…food?” Kou says with a shrug. “He usually eats a lot!” 

Hagima seems to agree, referencing the old adage, “They do say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Aoba quickly tries to cover his tracks, explaining that he’s not trying to get to Koujaku’s heart. But both Kou and Hagima are well aware of their boss’ recent love ventures, and Kou simply suggests, “It would make it even more special if you made it yourself.”

And at first Aoba thinks its absurd. He’s not even a good cook! But after almost a week of looking for gift ideas, and coming home empty handed, Aoba relents. “I suppose we’re going to cook him something, Ren.”

"I can consult Beni on a list of foods he particularly favors," Ren says, and Aoba approves. At least Beni will have a good idea of what Koujaku likes. This should be easy. 

Well, with Beni nothing is easy. Especially keeping secrets. Once Aoba, Ren, and Beni have worked out the details for their plan, it’s difficult to get the little bird to remain quiet enough to keep their dinner a surprise. After two almost disasterous slips, Aoba finally suggests, “Maybe Beni should just stay with me for the day…” 

"It seems he does need supervision…" Ren adds, thoughtfully. 

"Oi! You idiots I’m right here you know!" Beni squawks defensively. 

But the three of them (eventually) agree on this plan of action. Beni likes the idea of being an integral on the birthday festivities, and while they originally planned for the three of them to do it together, when they suggest Aoba taking Beni for the day, Koujaku’s immediate reply is, “Oh, you want to swap allmates? Hmm.. Any reason?” 

Aoba immediately sputters a reply, saying that Kou has been begging to spend time with Ren (which is true) and that Beni has always wanted to go on a delivery (which is not true). Koujaku seems to accept that answer. “I mean, it’s never a hassle to bring Ren along with me,” Koujaku says, reaching down to rub the dog’s head. “And I’m sure my clients will love him.”

"Koujaku, you are not using Ren to bait customers," Aoba quickly snips, scooping Ren into his arms protectively. "He wants none of your shady business." 

"Tell him, Aoba!" Beni adds in. "He’s been doing that to me for years!" 

"Ah, now, now, there’s no need to gang up on me," Koujaku says with a chuckle, holding up his hands in defense. "I’m just thinking of business opportunities." 

"Bullshit!" Beni huffs. "Where’s my cut of the pay?" Koujaku rolls his eyes. 

"I don’t mind taking a walk in Beni’s shoes," Ren says. "I also could learn something about Koujaku’s trade."

"Well, then it’s settled," Aoba says, affirmatively. "Beni, you’re with me tomorrow. Koujaku, you’re with Ren."

The next morning, the day of Koujaku’s birthday, after goodbye kisses and farewells are said, both parties head their separate ways. 

"Take good care of Aoba, alright?" Koujaku says to the little bird as he hands him over to Aoba. Beni nods his affirmative. Aoba is a little distraught leaving Ren (its his first day and years without his partner) but he knows he’s in good hands with Koujaku—plus they still have a mission at hand. Once Koujaku has left for work, Aoba and Beni get started planning. 

They head to a market together, and as they shop Beni is spouting ideas—things that he knows Koujaku likes to eat and the many meals he’s documented over the past week and a half—and while Aoba tries to keep the recipes simple, he cant help but imagine cooking his boyfriend an extravagant meal. He quickly shakes off the thought and hides a blush, deciding on buying ingredients for a beef stew. 

Beni is a great sous-chef—once they get back tot he apartment, he reads off the recipe as Aoba starts to cook and helps him navigate around Koujaku’s rather sparse kitchen. (Aoba’s hardly surprised though, seeing that if Koujaku isn’t eating at the Seragaki’s then he’s probably eating out.) And as soon as Aoba gets the food started cooking, Koujaku makes his way into the apartment. 

"Yo!" he says, making his way in with two massive shopping bags. Ren follows shortly behind, dragging along a third (smaller) bag. Aoba’s hardly surprised, figuring it is the usual swarm of gifts from his fans, but Koujaku quickly explains, "I bought a ton of hair supplies at the mart today. Couldn’t help it, there’s so much I want to try—are you cooking?" he asks, dropping the thought. He immediately sets down his things and heads into the kitchen. Ren follows behind.

"You’re cooking?" Koujaku asks again. Aoba nods. "For us?" 

"Who else?" Aoba says, back to Koujaku as he stirs the stew.

"Oh…wow, this is different. Thank you. Ah, it smells good." Koujaku leans over Aoba’s shoulder, peering into the pot, taking in it’s scent. "You made this?" he asks after a moment, brows raised. 

"Yes, you dummy. And Beni helped." 

"Really?" Koujaku says, turning to the little bird who’s perched on the counter. "Why don’t you ever help me cook Beni?" Koujaku huffs playfully. The little bird’s feather’s ruffle angrily but before he can squawk a response, Koujaku is back, hovering around Aoba. "Can I have a taste?" 

"Once it’s ready," Aoba replies. "Go get cleaned up. And—" before Koujaku can respond, Aoba turns around and kisses him on the lips. "Happy birthday, hippo." 

Koujaku goes red. He smiles. “Ah, t-thank you.” 

Aoba can’t help but blush too when Koujaku gets that dreamy look in his eyes. “Go on. I can’t cook with you lingering around like that. It’s weird,” Aoba says, shooing him off. Koujaku just chuckles, giving the top of Aoba’s head one last kiss before he hurries off. 

Dinner ends up being a success. Even if the stew is a little salty, Koujaku seems to enjoy his meal, glancing up at Aoba every few seconds to murmur a thank you. 

"You know," he says after a while, playing with his chopsticks. "I think it’s really sexy when you cook for me." 

Aoba chokes. “What about that is sexy, you pervert?!”

"What? I like the thought of you taking care of me. It feels nice." 

"Well, don’t get used to it." 

"Aw, Aoba, there’s no reason to be so harsh." 

"This was a one time thing!" 




Aoba happened to buy a little more on his and Beni’s shopping trip. Granted, he put Beni in sleep mode for this part, but he figured the little bird wouldn’t want to go shopping for lingerie anyway. 

Happy belated birthday, Koujaku!


I made a comic from the mechanic/robot thing i drew a while back BUT THEN I REALIZED THAT I HAD TOO MANY THINGS I WANTED TO DRAW and i couldn’t fit it in 10 pictures and then i gave up and ended up with some small thing without any plot omfg i can’t do comics 

im sorry that it is an OBNOXIOUSLY LONG POST but it’s easier to read this way  i thin k /  


"BEAST" - by Fiona Hsieh

Hereee’s my short film this year! BFA3 at Calarts

made with TVPaint, Photoshop, After Effects, Protools, and FInal Cut Pro

music by Matthew Pablo! Here’s his website

SFX and sound design by Ryan Stunkel and Kyle Potter

beast’s voice also designed by me! 

this was long and tedious and… you can finally find out what my Stupid Boy looks like LOL.

film on vimeo:

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